Diesel Air Compressors: A Quick Guide

Compressors are seen on all kinds of sites: from construction to road works and factory floors. Furthermore, these rugged machines form the backbone of your project and supply air to all your heavy tools. Hence, many industries find diesel air compressors useful when machinery breaks down, is under maintenance, or is simply kept on hand […]

Cable Drum Trailer Advantages

Do you need to transport and unwind cable drums regularly? Then hiring a cable drum trailer will be beneficial. With this gear, you’ll run the project more efficiently, and this type of trailer will help you save time and labour costs. Of course, it might be a costly investment, but you’ll reap the benefits in […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cable Rollers

Many people believe that cable installation is a simple task. However, this is wrong as cables need to be handled carefully during the process, even if they often look solid. Hence, if you start using cable rollers, it will make the process flow quicker and keep the cables in good condition when you put them […]

What is a Capstan Winch and How Does It Work?

If you have ever worked in the mining, construction, or forestry industries, you probably have some knowledge of winches. However, if you are unfamiliar with the world of winches, you may be preoccupied with many questions. For example: what is the capstan winch? How does it work? What are the safety precautions? And many more. […]

Cable Drum Jacks: The Best Way to Set Them Up

cable drum jacks

From time to time, our clients wonder about the best way to set up cable drum jacks. Here is a prime example of best practices for medium-sized cables (see the photo below). Equipment: 3 x 2T cable drum jacks. Cable Type: 240mm2 XPLE copper cable, approximately 120m of cable on each drum. On this job, […]

Top Tips to Prevent Cable Pulling Hazards

Cable pulling entails numerous workplace hazards. If done incorrectly, workers might get seriously injured, and projects can take multiple steps in the wrong direction. Unless you have undergone proper training, wiring and cable installation jobs must be left to be done by the professionals. To ensure safety, you will want to use cable pulling tools […]

Observing General-Purpose Wire Ropes

Defining wire ropes: cables made up of numerous strands of metal wire twisted or woven into a braid or helix. However, today we will not guide you into them but observe the difference between 1770-grade tensile and 1960-grade tensile ropes. Moreover, we will review their construction and the meaning of numbers.   Here is the […]

How Often Do You Need to Inspect the Lifting Gear?

At Winch Hire Australia, we ensure to keep up with the equipment compliance. Depending on the type of gear and relevant laws, here are the tips on how often you need to inspect the lifting gear. First-ever inspection before using the equipment As soon as you receive the gear from your supplier, complete a visual […]

Top-5 Reasons to Hire Equipment, Not to Buy It

Before starting a new project, most companies have a dilemma: to purchase gear or not. Let’s investigate the top-5 reasons to hire equipment instead! Reduce long-term costs Many firms employ maintenance teams or equipment experts dedicated to machine upkeep and regular service; it is necessary for fault-free operation. Mechanics must inspect fluids and hydraulics regularly. […]

How Do You Choose a Chain Hoist?

Hoists are great for vertical lifting projects. However, given the many options available, how do you choose a chain hoist for your job? Here are the three types of hoists provided by us: Air chain hoists (from 200kg to 30T) Electric chain hoists (from 500kg to 30T) Manual chain hoists (from 125kg to 6T) So, […]