Top-5 Reasons to Hire Equipment, Not to Buy It

Before starting a new project, most companies have a dilemma: to purchase gear or not. Let’s investigate the top-5 reasons to hire equipment instead!

Reduce long-term costs

Many firms employ maintenance teams or equipment experts dedicated to machine upkeep and regular service; it is necessary for fault-free operation. Mechanics must inspect fluids and hydraulics regularly. Sometimes leaks occur, and scheduling for usage and transportation presents issues. You can budget for rental costs, but the cost of upkeep and service in private ownership is often unpredictable.

Avoid storage and transport costs

Anyone who buys a new piece of equipment will require short-term and long-term storage solutions. No one wants to leave that out in the blazing sun, torrential rain, or howling wind. Continuous exposure to the weather and a poorly ventilated storage room tend to damage machine quality. Everyone understands that space is expensive, regardless of where you live or what you want to do with it, and renting equipment avoids the need for long-term storage.

Save at tax time

While numerous factors influence a company’s tax return, rental costs are deductible, but purchased equipment is taxed at a depreciated rate over its lifetime. Rental expenses are generally more financially flexible compared to construction expenditures. Due to the nature of certain types of businesses, they may be treated as project expenses or have some form of tax-deduction benefit available.

Eliminate coordination issues

Renting creates a win-win situation for businesses. Since experts maintain and service the equipment, it is less likely to malfunction or break down. If something goes wrong, the buyer can contact the same professionals for assistance. Renting equipment relieves you of the stress and organisation required for proper machine training, maintenance, service, and scheduling.

Get the latest and greatest!

Up-to-date technology in equipment can substantially assist a company by increasing efficiency and specialisation in a project. A piece of rental equipment can potentially perform a few specific tasks better than general equipment so that you save time and reduce machine wear and tear.

Furthermore, a reliable rental partner, like Winch Hire Australia, rotates machines off of the fleet regularly to ensure that you and your jobs have access to the most up-to-date models and technologies!

For further assistance, feel free to contact us during business hours. We will be happy to provide you with a quote and information about a particular piece of equipment.

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes. Make sure to consult with a manufacturer/supplier and conduct a job safety analysis before using the equipment. Use it for intended purposes only. Also, it is your responsibility to comply with relevant work health and safety laws.