How Often Do You Need to Inspect the Lifting Gear?

At Winch Hire Australia, we ensure to keep up with the equipment compliance. Depending on the type of gear and relevant laws, here are the tips on how often you need to inspect the lifting gear.

First-ever inspection before using the equipment

As soon as you receive the gear from your supplier, complete a visual inspection of all ordered equipment. You must ensure that it is of the correct capacity and that it will fulfil your unique requirements.

Furthermore, a “competent person”  must examine and tag any lifting, rigging, and height safety equipment at regular intervals, which we specified below.

Webbing slings

In Queensland, a “competent person” must visually examine round and web slings at least once every three months.

Fabricated Lifting Devices & Lifting Cages

When lifting cages and custom-fabricated lifting devices are first manufactured, they must be load tested and equipped with a data tag. Following the initial third-party inspection, a “competent person” must visually inspect these objects at least once every 12 months.

Height Safety Equipment

In Queensland, a “competent person” must visually examine height safety equipment at least once every six months.

Other Types

Overall, a “competent person” must visually inspect most remaining lifting and rigging equipment (e.g., material handling) at least once every 12 months.

To summarise, depending on how frequently you use the equipment, you may need to inspect it at shorter intervals. Some items do not fit into these broad categories or may have unique criteria. Moreover, some sites may conduct additional safety measures in place.

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes. Make sure to consult with a manufacturer/supplier and conduct a job safety analysis before using the equipment. Use it for intended purposes only. Also, it is your responsibility to comply with relevant work health and safety laws.