Cable Drum Jacks: The Best Way to Set Them Up

cable drum jacks

From time to time, our clients wonder about the best way to set up cable drum jacks. Here is a prime example of best practices for medium-sized cables (see the photo below).

Cable Drum Jacks: The Best Way to Set Them Up
              Our recent project

Equipment: 3 x 2T cable drum jacks.
Cable Type: 240mm2 XPLE copper cable, approximately 120m of cable on each drum.

On this job, we were running 4+E+Comms into a concrete pit. The cable pull was approximately 60 metres with a sweeping bend.

We have simply put two drums of cable on each jack. Check out how we have the earth and communication cable up the front – that makes it a tad easier as they are the lightest out of all the cables.

Overall, with the cables at the very back, ensure to run them underneath the next set, and so on. This allows the cables to spool off the drum with ease. If you are on grass – no need for rollers, but if you are on concrete – we may suggest a few rollers to minimise damage to the cables. Bring all your cables together if you run them through the same conduit. From here onwards, you will sock the cables and be ready to pull – do not forget your swivel! You have to consider using it all the time.

Also, remember! When pulling the cables, you must ensure you have at least two people at the entry point. One will be there to assist with the spooling process and another to “spot” as they enter the pit and conduit.

If you are keen to know more about hauling cables, kindly speak to one of our friendly team members at Winch Hire Australia in Brisbane or Sydney. Besides, to learn more about setting up other types of drum jacks, please, refer to this video.

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes. Make sure to consult with a manufacturer/supplier and conduct a job safety analysis before using the equipment. Use it for intended purposes only. Also, it is your responsibility to comply with relevant work health and safety laws.