8 Tonne Hydraulic Winch

Product Overview

8 Tonne Hydraulic winch, they’re fully tested and certified ready for immediate use in a wide range of Lift and Shift industrial applications. Suitable for a range of industrial and marine applications including mooring, anchor handling, towing, hoisting, lifting, pulling, lowering and much more.


8 Tonne Hydraulic Winch Features:

  • Available with your preferred power source
  • Compatible with air motor (280 CFM required) or diesel power pack
  • Reinforced chassis for rugged application

8 Tonne Hydraulic Winch Specifications:

  • SWL Hydraulic: 8 tonne
  • SWL Air: 6 Tonne
  • Line speed: Low 8 mtr/min. High 32 mtr/min.
  • Line speed: 8 mtr/min.
  • Max. diameter wire rope: up to 40mm
  • Dimensions(mm): L 2000, W 1100, H 1500
  • Weight: 2700 kg