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Winch Hire Australia have been supplying most conveyor belt companies around Australia with their winches, when changing out massive conveyors in the mining regions. Our ZAD winches are perfect for these types of belt changes even the larger ones that extend more than 400 meters in length.

Winch Hire Australia has provided many mining companies nationally and internationally with specialised air hoists for underground applications. Air hoists are ideal for underground work as they giver off no toxic fumes and have a duty cycle of 100% meaning there is no down time for the internals of the hoist to cool, it can be used 100% of the time.


We have one of Australia’s largest cable hauling winches, with a maximum haul of 25T this beast has been to many sites. One particular site was Adelaide, the winch was used to pull 4 kilometres of electrical cable underground at the NEXY extension. Winch Hire Australia clients were very impressed with the quality of the unit and its capabilities and performance on site.


Providing quality winches for all types of marine applications. Winch Hire Australia has been a trusted supplier to Brady Marine & Civil working collaboratively on several key projects.

civil/ water

Winch Hire Australia has worked closely with some of Australia’s biggest water contractors (Interflow). Recently we supplied a ZAD winch to assist in the relining of waterpipes on the Gold Coast. The relining project took several months to complete and was a great success.


Queensland Rail has been a client of Winch Hire Australia’s for many years, supplying an array of equipment to haul fibre optic cables throughout Queensland.

Winch Hire Australia was engaged by Select Plant Hire to assist Laing O’Rourke with the installation of several kilometres of overhead power lines for Vic rail network. We were able to supply a very specialised winch with oversized cheeks that could hold more than 2.5 kilometres of hauling rope.

RSGX Service have engaged Winch Hire Australia to supply cable hauling equipment for the Cross River Rail Project. The project required Winch Hire Australia to scope the haul, calculating  friction pressures over a distanced of 250m.


Winch Hire Australia supplied 2 x 25T specialised air hoists, to assist in the installation of ventilation fans for the new M5 tunnels in NSW.

We have supplied specialised 40M long drop chain hoists for maintenance in Tasmania at the main power station. Our client was extremely happy that we were able to provide such a long drop on out hoist, this saved him many man hours and was also very cost effective

solar & wind farms

Winch Hire Australia was involved in one of the largest cable hauls in Australia. Supplying our Redmond Garry 6T skid mounted winch to assist in hauling cables underground for a solar farm in Victoria. The project was one of the longest hauls ever completed in Australia.