6 Tonne Skid Mounted RG Winch


Product Overview

The 6 Tonne Redmond Garry skid mounted winch is designed for general cable hauling and recovery work. The winch is fitted with hydraulic load holding valves and failsafe brakes enabling them to be safely used for hoisting. Variable speed is standard on this winch allowing the operator to switch to highspeed for fast recovery or payout.


6 Tonne Skid Mounted RG Winch Features:

  • Operator Safety Cage
  • Tool Cabinet
  • Computer Controlled Constant Tensions
  • Adjustable Tension Settings of 2T, 4T & 6T
  • 20′ Skid With Lifting points and Forklift Pockets

6 Tonne Skid Mounted RG Winch Specifications:

  • WLL 6 Tonne
  • Line Speed: up to 20 meters per minute
  • Engine: 30HP diesel Kubota
  • Rope Capacity: up to 1700 meters
  • Dimensions (mm): L 6200, W 2500, H 2500
  • Weight: 6700 kg