7.5 Tonne Diesel Winch

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Product Overview

Our 7.5 tonne diesel drum winches are fully tested and certified ready for immediate Lift and Shift applications. Commonly used for spooling, hoisting, lifting, pulling, lowering and other heavy duty lifting and shifting tasks. Modifications can be made to suit your specific requirements.


7.5 Tonne Diesel Winch Features:

  • Simple key start ignition
  • Reliable diesel motor
  • Emergency stop and isolation switches
  • Pressure gauge
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • Skid mounted with pre-drilled mounting plate and forklift slots
  • Safety screen for optimal operator protection

7.5 Tonne Diesel Winch Specifications:

  • SWL: 7.5 Tonne
  • Engine: 6 cyl, 75 HP
  • Brake: Hydraulic band brake with emergency shut down lock
  • Dimensions(mm): L 4400, W 2100, H 2300
  • Weight: 7600 kg