Cable Drum Trailer Advantages

Do you need to transport and unwind cable drums regularly? Then hiring a cable drum trailer will be beneficial. With this gear, you’ll run the project more efficiently, and this type of trailer will help you save time and labour costs. Of course, it might be a costly investment, but you’ll reap the benefits in […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cable Rollers

Many people believe that cable installation is a simple task. However, this is wrong as cables need to be handled carefully during the process, even if they often look solid. Hence, if you start using cable rollers, it will make the process flow quicker and keep the cables in good condition when you put them […]

Cable Drum Jacks: The Best Way to Set Them Up

cable drum jacks

From time to time, our clients wonder about the best way to set up cable drum jacks. Here is a prime example of best practices for medium-sized cables (see the photo below). Equipment: 3 x 2T cable drum jacks. Cable Type: 240mm2 XPLE copper cable, approximately 120m of cable on each drum. On this job, […]