1.3 tonne cable pusher

Product Overview

The Cable Pusher is designed to push or pull cables up to 150mm in diameter through two caterpillar tracks that grip the wall of the cable with rubber shoes. Using the pendant control, the operator has full remote control of the Cable Pusher. The pendant control is connected to the Cable Pusher by 3.5 metres of cable allowing the operator optimal observation and control from a safe distance. All parameters of the Cable Pusher are adjustable to give the unit the largest possible envelope, maximise its versatility and ensure that cables are not damaged through bruising or buckling.

These machines are designed to connect to our Hydraulic Power Pack or suitable hydraulic power source able to supply suitable pressure. All control circuits etc are incorporated into the pusher unit.

Designed to sit horizontally on level ground or on a platform or truck bed, and fitted with multiple anchor and attachment points, stability is assured. As a result the Cable Pusher can process heavy XLPE style cable straight off the drum aligning it for installing into a trench or duct.


1.3 Tonne Cable Pusher Features:

  • Suitable for cable diameters up to 150mm
  • Compact design easily manoeuvrable on site
  • Individual line speed and tension for each drum
  • Individual distance pulled for each drum
  • Haul settings where maximum allowable tension can be changed
  • System monitoring hydraulic oil level & temperature

Cable Pusher 1.3 Tonne Specifications:

  • Push pull capacity: 1.3 Tonne, 13kN
  • Push pull speed: up to 25 mtr/min.
  • Max. cable diameter: up to 150 mm
  • Dimensions(mm): L 1800, W 520, H 1260
  • Weight: 800 kg