15 Tonne Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack

Product Overview

These cable drum stands are rated to accommodate cable drums weighing up to 15 Tonnes. Using the optional hydraulic drum drive, they are the ultimate solution for spooling and recovering heavy drums of conveyor belts and power and data cable.

The sturdy frame is easily transported to site by standard sized truck and accommodates drums with a maximum diameter of 3000mm. The high tensile fixed spindle with butterfly spindle attachment assists speed and direction of the cable drum.


15 Tonne Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack Features:

  • Optional power pack for heavy cable drum spooling
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Suitable for use on level solid
  • Multiple securing points

15 Tonne Hydraulic Cable Drum Jack Specifications:

  • SWL: 15 Tonne
  • Max. Drum(mm): W 3200, Dia. 3800
  • Max. Spindle(mm): L 4000, Dia. 100
  • Powerpack: Diesel (optional)
  • Dimensions(mm): L 3500, W 2500, H 3100
  • Weight: 450 kg