Remote Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Product Overview

Our huge range of remote head cutters are designed to powerfully and cleanly cut through copper or aluminium power cables ready for crimping with terminating lugs. They have a guillotine type cutting action which provides less jamming than shear type cutting.


Remote Hydraulic Cable Cutter Features:

  • Suitable for confined spaces
  • Fast cutting with remote operation
  • Electric or battery powered hydraulic pump to suit
  • Compact, lightweight, portable solutions
  • Contact us for our range of optional armoured cable cutters

Remote Hydraulic Cable Cutter Specifications:

  • Max. cable size: range includes units to suit 55 mm to 120 mm dia.
  • Max. pressure: 10,000 psi 700 bar
  • Dimensions(mm): L 640, W 180, H 100
  • Weight: 16 kg