Now is the Perfect Time for Winch Service and Repair

Recently, many sectors in the construction industry have experienced the customary downturn in work. Just because this downturn has reduced the intensity of work out there, it does not mean that there is nothing to be done. Now represents the best time to get your winches serviced, maintained and repaired for the coming upturn.

Winch Hire Australia’s workshop at Sumner Park is the only place to go for all your winch, hoist and compressor service and repair related requirements.

We have a full stable of experienced and qualified diesel fitters who are highly trained, skilled and passionate about what they do. They follow set guidelines and procedures to ensure that servicing work is completed quickly and efficiently, so that you can get your equipment back out on the job. If you want to know what we discover about your equipment throughout the maintenance process, service reports are available at your request.

Additionally, if you have your own lifting machinery that needs to be evaluated, we also offer testing and certification of lifting equipment in accordance with current Workplace Health and Safety standards.

So take advantage of this temporary lull in activity by servicing your winches before thing start to pick up again so that when the time comes for that next job, you’ll have everything you need and are ready to handle it.

Speak to a consultant from Winch Hire Australia about your winch service and repair needs today.