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Winch Hire Australia is Brisbane’s leading provider of winch inspection services, equipment repairs, maintenance and testing, rope replacement as well as rigging and winching product selection.

When regularly operating a winch, proper use, inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure it’s safety and efficiency. Regular inspection also effectively extends the lifespan of your winch. Failure to perform regular inspections could result in serious injury and even fatality.

Inspection Frequency

Winch inspection by the operational team is critical before each use of the winch.

Depending on the manufacturer, it’s required that you seek professional inspection of your winching device at least once annually. In some cases, a professional inspection may be required more frequently – on a monthly or quarterly basis. Learn more about the importance of routine winch maintenance in our blog.

Professional Winch Inspection

Winch Hire Australia will inspect the rope, the brakes and the emergency stop function on your device, as well as the following:

  • Control mechanisms for adjustments and wear
  • Control mechanisms responsiveness and labelling
  • All winch operations function correctly
  • All safety devices function correctly
  • Wire or rope condition
  • Fluid levels (oil, fuel, coolant, hydraulics)
  • Hydraulic system leaks and spills and;
  • Lubrication of bearing surfaces

Here we can identify potential hazards and assess risks where we may recommend a rope replacement or another service that could improve the safety of your operations.

Winch Repair

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We have a team of qualified diesel fitters who are highly trained and competent. They follow set guidelines and procedures to ensure that inspection and servicing work is completed quickly and efficiently so that you can get your equipment back out on the job. Service reports are also available at your request.

Additionally, if you have your own lifting machinery that needs to be evaluated, we also offer testing and certification of lifting equipment in accordance with current Workplace Health and Safety standards.

Winch Hire Australia Services

Our range of services can be tailored to your specific requirements. They include:

  • Rope spooling and de-spooling
  • Winch inspection
  • Winch repairs and equipment repairs, maintenance and testing
  • Rope replacement
  • Chain hoist servicing, repair and testing
  • Load cell systems
  • Rigging and winching product selection
  • Winch testing and certification

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