Winch Hire Provides VOC Training

Winch Hire provides VOC Training – We say it all over our website, and we will say it again. Safety is most important! Winch Hire Australia is serious about safety and we do everything in our power to make sure you get maximum satisfaction from our equipment using safe and efficient practices. To assure this, Winch Hire provides VOC Training when using winches for cable handling, mining and construction applications. Training may be tailored to beginners as well as those who need to freshen up their skills and apply it to new techniques.

Winch Hire provides VOC Training

“Trainer was very informative and understandable”

Verification of Competency (VOC)

Accredited companies are required to ensure that workers operating mobile plant are competent, and that there is a system in place to ensure operators of mobile plant have met the minimum legislative requirements. If a company has a system that requires additional verification beyond OFSC requirements, it is expected that the company’s defined requirements are followed, and these will be subject to review at OFSC audits. You can read more about that here.

Winch Hire provides VOC Training

“Trainer was very helpful and friendly”


To find out more about the training, you can contact us. We will to discuss your requirements and what is best suited for you. We can perform VOC assessments on site, or at our training facilities at Sumner Park, Brisbane. Our Trainers holds a certificate and ample vocational experience with best practice of our entire equipment range.


The length of time varies on how many workers are being trained, but allow about 3 hours.

Winch Hire provides VOC Training

“Very eye opening and a good refresher course”


This depends on the number of workers and the skill sets being verified. Contact us on 07 3376 2888 to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.


Workers successfully demonstrating competency will be provided with a detailed and documented assessment form and certificate stating the competency attained. To ensure your employees are safe and your company complies with certified training, Contact Us today.