Winch Hire Logistics Partners Put to the Test

Transporting WHA equipment to your job site has never been easier

Last month, we put our entire range of logistics partners under the microscope to ensure we present our customers with the best possible services on offer. Local couriers and national carriers were reviewed and comparisons were made between their services.

Only companies able to consistently deliver on our stringent requirements were considered. They had to pass the tests with reliable fleet in a variety of carrying capacities, driver professionals who understand and communicate our customer service values and regular timetable of manifest to deliver to our customers.

Naturally, competitive pricing also weighed in, but it wasn’t the deal breaker. At Winch Hire, we think it’s more important that we offer our customers the best transport available so our equipment arrives on time and in one piece.

Recently, we put one of our logistics partners to the test and they performed brilliantly. The equipment left here late in the afternoon, arrived when expected and was on the customer’s jobsite within 18 hours. The customer rang us up and provided glowing feedback.

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