Winch Hire Fleet Delivery from A-Z

From Abbot Point to Zeehan, our Winch Hire Fleet is really going places

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Recently, one of our customers was contracted to assist in the infrastructure at Abbot Point, Australia’s most northern coal export port, as it continues to grow as a key strategic coal port. They put our 10 Tonne Diesel Winch to work on conveyor belt maintenance and installation with great success.

In other news, our customer in Zeehan, South West Tasmania, is installing two HV cables on site and needed a winch capable of moving and hoisting 450 metres of 16mm steel rope and braking 4.5 tonne. They decided on a 7 Tonne Air Winch for the job. Air winches are usually preferred on mine sites due to low emission levels, however, we can also supply diesel powered winches that will pass a gas test to operate underground.

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Find out more about the 10 Tonne Diesel Winch

Keep an eye out and you’re sure to see Winch Hire fleet on the job at your next site. Contact us to find out more.