3 Ways Winches & Hoists Function as Natural Disaster Response Equipment

disaster response equipment

Australia’s recent bushfires tore through 12 million acres of land, followed by extreme flash flooding. With the looming warning of thunderstorms and rain still threatening to inundate thousands of homes, Australia is not yet in the clear. In March 2019, Australia experienced six severe tropical cyclones and faces the possibility of enduring more this year. It’s a scary time, but we believe with the right equipment, in the right hands, we can help protect people from harm. Disaster response equipment is an asset to all disaster response and emergency relief organisations Australia wide and should be prioritised throughout this time.

Winch Hire Australia is proud to be home of essential disaster response equipment commonly used in rescue missions. Our equipment can be extremely beneficial when people are at risk from a natural disaster.

Fire Rescue

disaster response equipment

A winch is a device used to wind items up and out. With the capability of airlifting personnel, they become very effective disaster response equipment when responding to fires. During the time of the disaster, it can be extremely difficult to secure a power source. So, by using an air winch, which doesn’t require electricity, it becomes easier to use in the midst of an emergency.

Winch Hire’s air winch for man-riding is safety ensured and follows all relevant WHS legislation for safe operating procedures making it beneficial for large scale operations. Alternatively, our 1 Tonne Air Winch comes in a smaller, compact size, making it possible for an airborne worker to navigate the manual winch up, down, left and right, making it possible to rescue a human life and ensure safety.

Cyclone Clean Up

disaster response equipment

Some of the major hazards that accompany cyclone destruction cleanup include fallen power lines, tree trimming and removal, debris removal and construction activities. To aid in the cleanup process and ensure the safety of workers, a Cable Winch Hoist can be used as an effective piece of cyclone disaster response equipment.

After a cyclone natural disaster tears through a community, it’s the natural response of homeowners, community members and professionals to clean up. Often the debris leftover includes parts of homes that have been destroyed, powerlines, trees that have toppled over, and other large objects that have fallen. In order to remove these heavy objects, you must use a winch with a large pulling capacity. By connecting the shank hook to the object that requires removal, and connecting the hoist to a stationary object, these big tasks can be carried out smoothly. Once these hazards have been removed, the clean up becomes safer for those involved.

Flood Clean Up and Victim Rescue

disaster response equipment

Disaster response equipment is essential when dealing with floods because they can be incredibly dangerous when the water is contaminated with large debris and fallen electrical lines. These hazards pose a risk to the safety of workers and citizens operating in the area. Approaching the hazard by boat may be the most effective way to tackle the hazard, and using a portable, compact and lightweight winch such as our Greenlee Electric Winch Cable Puller 3 Tonne, the hazard can effectively be removed from the area.

Winch Hire’s Air Hoist Chain Hoist has the longest chain lengths in Australia and features variable speed capability. It is also suitable for use in hazardous areas. Being compact and relatively lightweight, the installation and portability of this disaster response equipment can be effectively used to airlift flood victims from their roofs, or even pull livestock from the floodwater.

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