What Are Common Air Compressor Uses?


Compressed air is everywhere in our lives. From refrigerators to engine cooling, balloons at a birthday party to the tyres of our cars and bicycles. It was even made to use the computer or phone your viewing this on.

The easy storage and transmission of compressed air make it an excellent medium for energy. Compressed air is flexible, versatile and relatively safe compared to other energy sources, like batteries and steam. Powerful batteries can be bulky and heavy with a limited charge life. Steam on the other hand is not cost-effective or user friendly (extreme heat risks burns).

Interestingly, when you compare compressed air and electricity, electricity is more cost-efficient. If so, why do you think compressed air is still widely used?

In this blog, we’ll discuss common air compressor uses and what makes them so popular.

Why Do We Use Air Compressors?

Industrial Air Compressors are vital to the construction, manufacturing, mining and agriculture industries. There most commonly used for powering pneumatic tools. These three main reasons for using air compressors: safety, flexibility and cost.

For situations where there’s a large number of tools, wet floors or high humidity, electrical shocks and fires may occur, making air compression the safer option.

Air tools also have the advantage of variable speed and torque, as well as being lighter and more ergonomic. This balances the cost of air with the cost of labour, because work fatigue is reduced.

When working in remote areas and construction sites, the ruggedness and simpler design of air equipment makes it much more suitable. This translates to lower repair and maintenance costs in the long run.


Common Pneumatic Air Tools

We’ve established that air compressors provide a reliable and safe source of power, making them a great alternative to traditional power tools. They are also usually more lightweight and easier to manipulate, have simpler design mechanics for user-friendliness and fewer moving parts which means longer life and less maintenance.

As compressed air is an extremely clean and dry power source, it is suitable for a wide range of environments and applications. For example, when mining underground and emissions need to be minimised or when electricity is unavailable on a worksite. Compact and portable air compressors are easy to move between different locations and types of work sites, making them excellent for hazardous or underground locations, damp or wet conditions and around combustible materials.

Many tools are available in an air-powered configuration. Common air tools include:

  • Air drills
  • Air hammer
  • Air screwdriver
  • Air grinders
  • Blowguns
  • Tyre inflators
  • Spraying
  • Sanding
  • Blowtorching

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We hope you’ve found this article helpful. To find out more about air compressors, check out our blog How To Choose The Right Air Compressor Size