UQ Taking Large Steps in Solar Power

Solar Power

University of Queensland is praised for its efforts in energy, water, waste, biodiversity, and transport. In 2016 UQ produced enough solar every to power over 1500 homes! Greg Pringle, UQ’s chief operating officer, has gleamed with pride in UQ’s leaps.

“As one of Queensland’s biggest employers and home to the largest university population in the state, sustainability is a challenge we feel we are making significant inroads towards,” Mr Pringle said.

“What’s more is that we’ve found it is possible to make significant savings, while being conscionable about our campuses’ consumption of resources”.

Maybe it’s time we all start thinking about our energy consumption. Not just to save money, but to make our carbon footprint less. If you are interested in finding out how your business can achieve this or if your project has already begun, Winch Hire Australia is here to help! We have machinery like our 35 Tonne Cable Drum Drive and Jacks to help make your solar power dreams possible.

Will you take the next step towards a better environmental impact?