Underground cable hauling equipment needs to be heavy-duty to withstand significant force and environmental conditions. Winch Hire Australia distributes a wide range of underground cable pulling equipment designed for maximum productivity, safety and reliability, ready to suit any job requirements. In order to help you efficiently deliver your cable handling and pulling requirements, we always ensure our equipment is thoroughly tested and scrutinised before being available for hire.

Robust Solutions

We understand the complex requirements for underground mining, pipeline, drilling, trenching, and other underground operations. Our diverse range of underground cable pulling equipment available for hire is designed to maximise operator safety, drive productivity and keep costs low.

Diesel Winches


Diesel winches are one of the best ways to ensure safety and efficiency for extreme hillsides, unstable slopes and heavy loads. Our range of equipment meets the strictest safety requirements needed for underground projects. Units range from 400kg to a 25-tonne diesel winch and come in a range of configurations ready to suit your individual needs.

Browse our range of heavy-duty diesel winches for smooth and controlled pulling:


Cable Pulling Winches

Cable pulling winches are effective for use installing power cables and removing damaged cable lines from underground poles. The strength, reliability and durability of this equipment is essential to ensure utmost safety and efficiency. From compact 3.5-tonne up to 25-tonne cable pulling winches, we have an extensive range of capstan winches designed for ongoing heavy-duty and operational reliability.

Browse our range of heavy-duty capstan winches for a wide range of lifting and pulling applications.

For underground applications in conduit pulling pipes through to pipe relining jobs, view our dual-purpose trailer-mounted 4-tonne wire rope winch and a 6-tonne side capstan. This equipment is suitable for multiple pulling applications, including pulling cable, hauling with the capstan and conveyor belt hauling with the wire rope.


Cable Trailers

Cable trailers are essential equipment needed for the transportation of electric cables within and between work sites. From 1.5-tonne to 6.5-tonne cable trailers, you’ll get the most of our range designed for safe and efficient spooling and recovery of power and data cables. Browse the range here.

Drum Drives

Hydraulic drum drives provide a powerful spooling solution for cable jacks. For extra stability on uneven surfaces view our Cable Drum Drive up to 25 Tonne or for a pallet-sized alternative, consider our Cable Drum Drive up to 35 Tonne.

We also have a wide range of cable accessories available for hire.

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As your partner in productivity, our range of equipment is reliable and durable to ensure sustainable, safe and profitable operations. We employ a highly experienced team of qualified tradesmen with amazing product awareness and industry experience, which can create several economic and time-saving benefits for your projects. Contact us or visit us in Brisbane for more information on how our range of cable handling equipment can help you get the job done.