Trailer Mounted Winches

At Winch Hire Australia we have noticed a high demand for trailer mounted cable hauling equipment. Our range includes trailer mounted 3 Tonne, 3.5 Tonne and 5 Tonne capstan winches for electrical cable installations and trailer mounted optic fibre winches for installing fibre optic cables.

The benefits of our trailer mounted winches include:

  • Convenience of towing the winch to site and relocating around the worksite
  • No need for a crane or forklift
  • Road registered

Please note: In order to use our trailer mounted equipment, you will need a suitable towing vehicle like a 4WD or UTE. We can assist with applicable tow connection including Hayman Reece Towbars 50mm ball and ring eye adaptors.

3 Tonne Trailer Mounted Capstan Winch

Trailer mounted capstan winch

These Trailer Mounted capstan winches have a line pull capacity of 3 Tonnes. They can be easily transported around your worksite with the use of a UTE or 4WD with a 50mm towing connection. During cable hauling, the towing vehicle is used to anchor the capstan winch with the built-in stabiliser legs engaged. Our Trailer Mounted capstan winches are able to be conveniently relocated without the use of a forklift or crane.

3.5 Tonne Trailer Mounted Bull-Wheel Winch

Cable hauling winch - 3 tonne

These trailer mounted winches use a double bull-wheel configuration with storage reel and are designed to haul cable through ducts. The proportional hydraulic system is diesel driven with electric start. The on board tension gauge can preset line tension between 0 and 35 kN, which allows the operator to measure and maintain the line pull at a constant throughout the entire pull. Rotation fairlead is fitted and provides flexibility of rotary pull at any angle into the bull-wheel.


  • 12mm Andromeda non-rotating plaited wire rope
  • Hydraulic stabiliser legs fitted
  • Ease of operation with rotation fairlead system

5 Tonne Trailer Mounted Capstan Winch

5 Tonne trailer mounted capstan winch

Our trailer mounted 5 Tonne capstan winches are specifically designed for electrical cable installations in conduits or trenches in civil, construction and mining applications. They are suitable anywhere that needs a variable line pull of up to 5 tonnes. The capstan winch can be can hold up to 1000 metres on the recovery drum, and can be provided with or without synthetic rope.

For operator safety all controls are mounted on the kerb side of the trailer and safety guards have been fitted for added protection. The hydraulic system is driven by a water cooled diesel engine with electric start. The power pack is enclosed in a lockable weatherproof box with sound insulation.

The single axle trailer has off-road wheels and an aggregate mass of 2000 kg. It can be towed behind a large 4WD or small truck. Two rear mount hydraulic stabiliser legs secure the unit into position while hauling is underway.

Optic Fibre Trailer Mounted Winch trailer mounted

Optic fibre winch

Our trailer mounted optic fibre winches are road registered and certified for laying fibre optic cables. These fibre optic winches are loaded with safety features that have been specifically designed to meet WHS requirements. Our optic fibre winches are available for short or long term hire.

All units are fitted with electronic distance measuring equipment and safety screens for operator protection and convenience.


  • Available truck, trailer or skid mounted
  • Custom trailer specifically designed with safe operators zone
  • Operator controlled capstan variable tilt from horizontal to vertical
  • Operator controlled capstan FORWARD/REVERSE rotation via either the dash mounted joystick or remote control foot treadle supplied

For more information about our wide range of trailer mounted winches, electric winches or even our capstan winches, contact us on 07 3376 2888.