Our Trailer Mounted 6 Tonne Capstan Winch

At Winch Hire, we’re expanding our range of trailer mounted equipment for some very good reasons. Our customers love the convenience of trailer mounted winches, and so will you.

Reduce high transport costs – Are high transport costs affecting your bottom line? You can reduce transport costs by hiring a trailer mounted winch, then watch as the profits stay in your pocket.

Reduce downtime – Are you wasting time waiting for tilt-tray transport delayed in traffic that doesn’t arrive on time? You can reduce downtime by towing the trailer mounted winch directly to your site ready to get started on your next cable hauling project. You’ll need a minimum towing vehicle 3 tonne towing capacitywith towing connection 50mm ball coupling.

Benefit from mobile convenience – Want to avoid the hassle of finding a forklift for unloading the winch at the jobsite, only to repeat the process when you need to relocate the winch? Our trailer mounted winches provide you with the convenience of relocating the winch exactly where and when you need it. We’ve included safe anchorage points for you to secure the winch for improved stability during the cable hauling.

Our 6 Tonne Capstan Winch is now available with trailer mounted convenience – call now to book this Winch for your next cable hauling project.

6 Tonne Capstan Winch – Trailer Mounted

6 tonne capstan winch

This 6 Tonne Capstan Winch has all the diesel powered features you need for pulling power cables through conduit, trenches or cable trays with the added convenience of trailer mounted mobility.

Trailer Mounted 6 Tonne Capstan Winch Features:

  • Available trailer mounted for added convenience
  • High pulling tension
  • Digital data download application
  • Heavy duty diesel engine
  • Mine Spec compliant

For more information about Capstan Winches or our 6 Tonne Capstan Winch, please see this page or contact us.