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UQ Taking Large Steps in Solar Power

Solar Power

University of Queensland is praised for its efforts in energy, water, waste, biodiversity, and transport. In 2016 UQ produced enough solar every to power over 1500 homes! Greg Pringle, UQ’s chief operating officer, has gleamed with pride in UQ’s leaps. “As one of Queensland’s biggest employers and home to the largest university population in the… Read more »

It’s Time to be Smart with your Air Cons!

Summer is arriving! That means Air Cons are about to be on full bast! Summers in Queensland can be ridiculously hot and that leads to ridiculously hot electric bills. As summer commences, it’s time to make a better approach to how we use our energy with the PeakSmart air-conditioning program. This program promotes the use… Read more »

Queensland Takes Large Steps in Renewable Energy

The Rugby Run Solar Farm has finally been approved and will soon be on its way! The project is expected to cost $100 million and take about 12 months to complete. This project is expected to have a serious positive impact on the community by providing jobs and renewable energy that will impact future projects. When… Read more »