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Hydraulic Crimpers & Crimping Heads

Find out more about our crimping head products:   Aluminium cables are well-known for being cost-effective, particularly when compared to copper cables (aluminium can be 20-50% cheaper, depending on the cable type). Aluminium cables also have a weight advantage. These features make aluminium cables an ideal choice for many companies – as a result, the… Read more »

How To Safely and Correctly Uncouple Hydraulic Hoses

Are you unsure of how to safely and correctly uncouple hydraulic hoses? This is a frequently asked question, so we thought we’d create an instructional video. We hope it makes the process easier for you!   Checkout our video on How To Safely and Correctly Uncouple Hydraulic Hoses: STOP! Before uncoupling the hydraulic hose, ensure… Read more »

Our New Cable Crimpers

Over the years we’ve assembled a vast range of crimpers and cutters from the world’s premier manufacturers. The range continues to be a popular rental item for long or short term hire. Our customers love the range of crimper sizes from 12 Tonne right up to 55 Tonne with the option of battery-powered, manual or… Read more »