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Find out More About Our Air Hoists!

Our air hoists work tirelessly on the job due to a system devised to provide ongoing performance in this demanding and harsh environment. Currently, our air hoists are being hired out to an alumina plant, where our 3 tonne and 6 tonne air hoists are assisting with planned outages for scheduled maintenance.   What Makes… Read more »

Air Chain Hoists

Air Chain Hoists We’ve just unwrapped some brand new air chain hoists from JDN, manufacturers of high quality, superior PROFI Air hoists known for their robust design and suitability in rugged industrial applications. Click here for the facts and figures and call us on T: 07 3376 2888 for any more information. Here’s some useful… Read more »

Looking for an air chain hoist? We have the longest chain drops in Australia

Air hoist

We hire quality, reliable and cost-effective chain hoists We have the longest chain drops in Australia 500 kg to SWL 30 Tonne chain hoists available Proven brands such as Atlas Copco, JDN, Ingersoll-Rand and Toku When it comes to our business, we’re firm believers in providing our customers with superior quality products. That’s why we… Read more »