Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Winches


Looking for industrial stainless steel winches? Winch Hire Australia is a leading supplier of industrial-grade equipment, with safety and reliability as our top priority. Our industrial equipment can be hired or purchased outright, with options including air, diesel and electric powered industrial winches. We also offer other industrial manufacturing products such as Cable Handling and Rigging Equipment.

Hire Industrial Stainless Steel Winches

Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry so we know what customers are looking for and how to give you the best service possible.

Our technical knowledge of the equipment being used and the task at hand makes us experts at providing solutions to ensure your project runs smoothly. Whether you require winches for above or below ground, our range of equipment has you covered.

We offer leading brands, including Australian made Redmond Gary, Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, Beaver and Timberland.


Winch Hire Australia’s Air Winch Range

Air winches are a safe and cost-effective method of pulling. They use compressed air to power the cable drum and perform well in harsh environments of extreme heat, cold, dust, wet and explosive surroundings.

We have a range of air winches from 250 kg up to 20 tonne capacity, with lengths of wire rope fitted from 50 metres to 1000 metres.

All our hire equipment comes with the relevant safety documents including Safe Operating Procedures and Test Certificates. Our air winch range includes:

Air-powered winches are known to be more environmentally friendly, versatile and durable than other types of winches. Commonly used to suspend materials, they are used most commonly in oil and gas, construction and marine industries.


Winch Hire Australia’s Diesel Winch Range

Diesel Winches are some of our most popular equipment. As the name suggests, they are diesel-powered and are a robust option for extended periods of use.

We have a range of diesel-hydraulic winches ranging in size from 500 kg up to 65 tonne capacity, with lengths of wire rope fitted from 50 metres up to 6000 metres.

Our Diesel Winch range includes:

We also have diesel-powered hydraulic winches:

Diesel engine winches are best used for power transmission projects including telecommunications, underground power cable engineering, towers and construction works.

Winch Hire Australia’s Electric Winch Range

Electric winches are relatively lightweight for ease of transportation and are suitable for confined spaces because they are emission-free.

We have a range of electric winches from 200 kg to 20-tonne capacity, with lengths of steel wire rope fitted from 50 metres to 3500 metres.

Our Electric winch range includes:

Electric winches are ideal choices for use in the landscaping, power and telecommunications industries as well as being a good solution for towing applications.


Visit Winch Hire Australia to Hire Our Range of Stainless Steel Winches

When you hire through Winch Hire Australia, we’ll work with you to ensure your stainless steel winch arrives on site as fast as possible. For top-grade industry safety standards and innovative equipment solutions, contact us or visit us in Sumner Park to view our range of industrial stainless steel winches available for hire.