6 Tonne Diesel Winch

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Product Overview

Our Diesel Winch with rated capacity of 6 Tonne (60kN) is manufactured by Redmond Gary is fully tested and certified ready for immediate application. It is available skid mounted or twin-axle trailer mounted.

This 6 Tonne Diesel Winch is designed for general lifting and hauling projects and is commonly used for conveyor installations. Features include hydraulic loading holding valves and fail safe brakes enabling them to be safely used for hoisting. It is packed with features including variable line speed with high speed selection for fast retrieval and payout.


6 Tonne Diesel Winch Features:

  • Fitted with 1000m (24mm) braided rope (wire also available)
  • Programmable display screen with data logger
  • Constant tension settings 2 Tonne (20kN) to 6 Tonne (60kN)
  • Emergency stop and isolation switches

6 Tonne Diesel Winch Specifications:

  • Rated Capacity: 6 Tonne (60 kN)
  • Speed (high): Up to 40 mtr/min (4 Tonne)
  • Speed (low):  Up to 20 mtr/min (6 Tonne)
  • Capstan Line Pull: up to 12 tonnes
  • Capstan line speed 12 metres per minute
  • Engine: Diesel 22.4 kW, 30 HP
  • Dimensions(mm): L 6200, W 2600, H 2500
  • Weight: 6700 kg