3.5 Tonne Diesel Winch

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Product Overview

3.5 Tonne Bull-Wheel Winch Redmond Gary trailer mounted are designed to haul cable through ducts and use a double bull-wheel configuration with storage reel. The proportional hydraulic system is diesel driven with electric start. The 3.5 Tonne Bull-Wheel winch by Redmond Gary is trailer mounted or may be delivered skid mounted. Line pull gauge fitted (no distance gauge).

The on board tension gauge can preset line tension between 0 and 35 kN, allowing the operator to maintain the line pull for the entire pull. Rotation fairlead is fitted and provides flexibility of rotary pull at any angle into the bull-wheel.


3.5 Tonne Diesel Winch Features:

  • 12mm Andromeda non-rotating plaited wire rope
  • Hydraulic stabiliser legs fitted
  • Ease of operation with rotation fairlead system

3.5 Tonne Diesel Winch Specifications:

  • Line pull: up to 3.5 tonne at 3200 PSI
  • Line speed: 14 mtr/min. (34 mtr/min. no load)
  • Engine: Diesel Deutz F2L511 11.5-23kW
  • Rope capacity: up to 1000 mtr (13mm)
  • Brakes: Electric auxiliary brake system
  • Tow coupling: Pintle eye
  • Towing vehicle: Min. 2T truck or 4WD