1.3 Tonne Diesel Winch

Product Overview

1.3 Tonne Diesel Winch suitable for a wide range of lifting applications. Also available with multi-layer wire rope spooling system to retrieve wire rope neatly reducing damage to expensive wire rope.

With the parallel groove system, rope wear is considerably reduced in multi-layer spooling. When the first layer has filled the drum, the second layer then travels back across the drum with each wrap of rope sitting precisely along the groove of two wraps of the first layer. With parallel grooving it is possible to calculate the exact forces that the rope imposes on the drum because the spooling is controlled.


1.3 Tonne Diesel Winch Features:

  • Mine Spec compliant
  • Compact and portable
  • Available with multi-layer wire rope spooling system

1.3 Tonne Diesel Winch Specifications:

  • 1.3 Tonne Safe Working Load
  • Line speed: up to 46 mtr/min.
  • Wire rope capacity: 580 mtr (11mm)
  • Brakes: 2x wet disc with hydraulic lock
  • Engine: 3-cylinder, 27 hp water cooled diesel
  • Dimensions (mm): L 1600, W 1400, H 1200
  • Weight: 1600 kg