4 Tonne Capstan Winch

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Product Overview

Our trailer mounted 4 Tonne capstan winch manufactured by OMAC Italy is a convenient mobile cable hauling solution for power and data cable installations in conduits or trenches in civil, construction and mining applications.

For over 50 years OMAC have provided solutions to optimize processes in energy and information development by manufacturing specialised equipment for underground cable laying, HV transmission and railway lines stringing.

The OMAC 4 Tonne capstan winch is supplied with polysteel rope on the recovery reel which holds up to 240 metres. The recovery reel has built-in winder and automatic rope winder with telescopic rod.


4 Tonne Capstan Winch Features:

  • Automatic swinging rope-winder with idle position for manual
  • Dynamometer for reading the pull force.
  • Safety hydraulic negative brake.
  • Rigid axle with tires and drawbar fit for towing at low speed in
    the job-site.
  • Stabilisers and attachments for anchoring.
  • Rope-driver rollers fit for vertical and horizontal pull.

4 Tonne Capstan Winch Specifications:

  • Rated capacity: 4 Tonne (40kN)
  • Speed at max. pull: 16 mtr/min.
  • Max. speed: 60 mtr/min.
  • Engine: Diesel 26kW
  • Tow connection: 50mm ball
  • Tow vehicle: min. 2 Tonne truck or 4WD
  • Brakes: Manual and overrun
  • Dimensions(mm): L 3000, W 1700, H 1750
  • Weight: 1840 kg