Split Duct Rollers

Product Overview

Split Duct Roller Cable Guide available to assist cable exit from conduits ranging in size from 50mm through to 150mm, our split duct roller cable guides are ideal for heavy duty jobs when installing bulky cables. These split duct roller cable guide with full bearing rollers aid entry to the conduit and protects the cable sheath from the conduit opening. When inserted into the conduit opening, simply adjust the expansion screw to the desired tension inside the conduit. This ensures the split duct roller cable guide is firmly in place whilst the cable is in motion into or out of the conduit. The roller is situated offset to the conduit guide which provides a range of different angle options.


Split Duct Rollers Features:

  • Suitable for confined spaces
  • Reduces cable friction
  • Smooth ball bearing rolling action
  • Compact, lightweight, portable solutions

Split Duct Rollers Specifications:

  • Conduit Size Range (mm): 50-150
  • Weight: Range Varies up to 9 kg