Single Eye Cable Pulling Sock

Product Overview

Single Eye Cable Pulling Socks are used for pulling underground power cables, overhead conductors (transmission and distribution), communications cables and wire ropes. Also known as cable stockings or tube grips these socks are available in a wide range of sizes, types and build material. Styles that are common are single eye, offset eye and lace-up.


Single Eye Cable Pulling Sock Features:

  • Weave Style: Tubular
  • Eye Style: Single
  • Weave Material: Galvanised
  • Eye Finishing: Soft
  • Ferrule: Aluminium Alloy

Single Eye Cable Pulling Sock Specifications:

  •  Grip Length (mm): 700-1160
  • Tensile Strength (UTS kN): 28-101
  • To Fit Cable Diameter (mm):
    9-14 32-40
    9-16 40-55
    14-19 55-75
    14-22 75-95
    19-28 95-114