Battery Powered Pump

Product Overview

Our Battery Powered Pump is a 28.8 volt, battery operated hydraulic pump that runs on two 14.4 Volt Huskie BP-80 series batteries. The REC-P1 is supplied with a push button remote control that allows the operator to advance, hold, and retract when needed. The user is never committed to a full cycle and can always back off at any time during the advance– even when the pump is under pressure.


Battery Powered Pump Features:

  • Powerful 28.8 Volt
  • Operate Up to Single Acting 60 Ton Press
  • Adjustable 10,000 psi
  • Eliminates the need for AC Power
  • Compact and Portable

Battery Powered Pump Specifications:

  • Weight : 23lbs. with 2Batteries
  • Output : 10,000 psi
  • 16″L x 6″H x 10″D