Queensland Takes Large Steps in Renewable Energy

The Rugby Run Solar Farm has finally been approved and will soon be on its way! The project is expected to cost $100 million and take about 12 months to complete. This project is expected to have a serious positive impact on the community by providing jobs and renewable energy that will impact future projects. When finished, the Rugby Run Solar Farm is expected to have a generation capacity of up to 170MW. Winch Hire Australia is excited to see more projects just like this begin as Australia heads towards a more sustainable future. We love being involved in any way we can!

Some of our machines that help with projects just like these are our 35 Tonne Cable Drum Drive and 35 Tonne Cable Drum Stands with Hydraulic Jacks

Do you have a any projects coming up? Contact Winch Hire Australia to find out what we can do to help.


You can read more about the Rugby Run Solar Farm Here.