Pipe Vice and Stand

Extremely rigid and durable, this lightweight portable stand is easily set up and taken down, saving operators valuable time and effort. Supplied complete with collapsible stand and a range of bending formers ranging in size from 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm

The unit compliments our metal conduit die set, is easy to use and ready to move to your next job site. Supplied with operator instructions.

Ideal for fast repetitive work

  • Frame (containing mainscrew and top jaw) and base are hinged together
  • Handle and mainscrew are steel while the frames and bases are strong SG ductile iron castings
  • To grip a pipe the frame is hinged back and the pipe located on the lower jaw
  • When frame is hinged down, a locking hook automatically engages onto the side of the base holding the vice firmly shut

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