1.8 Tonne Greenlee Cable Sheave Unit

The Greenlee Cable Sheave unit with rated capacity of 1.8 Tonne (4000 lb) is a welded steel frame with a series of ten sheaves to form a large radius. The aluminium alloy sheaves are 127mm wide and have self-lubricating bearings.  The yokes with cast steel closure-type hooks with 25.4mm opening allows convenient cable removal at any point of the haul. The Greenlee Cable Sheave unit is suitable for use with any cable puller with a maximum pulling force of 1.8 Tonne (4000 lb).  They are designed to suit manufacturer’s specified maximum bend radius and provide easy directional change when stringing power cables up to 100mm diameter.

Greenlee Cable Sheave unit features:

  • Reduces cable damage and provides ease of directional change
  • Suitable for stringing power cable installations
  • Compact, lightweight, portable solutions


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