Blowing Kit – Electric

This high volume, low pressure blowing system is used to blow a plastic bag or balloon bag attached to a draw line or light weight rope or string down a conduit. The draw line is then used to pull a heavier hauling rope back to the start position ready for cable hauling.

Featuring 3 motors and delivering air at a safe low pressure, this unit will effectively blow a lightweight draw line up to 1000 metres of unoccupied lubricated conduit. Each motor will deliver approximately 3.5 cubic metres of air per minute. This low pressure system has been designed for rough external work suited to long PVC duct runs with many bends.

This one man operation is a quick and safe method of roping conduit ready for cable hauling.


  • 240 V/10 amp three stage blower
  • weather proof switches
  • separate fan from the motor
  • Blow cones to suit 32-63mm and 63-150mm
  • Five metres of  high quality blower hose
  • Blower head to suit drawline, lightweight rope or string

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