Diesel Compressors ranging from 75CFM to 130CFM

Our range of portable diesel air compressors are suitable for general construction, industrial applications and civil works. They are easy to tow to your site and will provide a reliable source of compressed air to drive pneumatic equipment including winches, hoists, chipping hammers, jackhammers, rock breakers and grinding tools.  High free air delivery applications, including sandblasting, are also covered. Our range are not only designed to operate with the environment in mind, they are manufactured to prevent any kind of oil, coolant or fuel pollution.

We take care of all the service and maintenance, vehicle registration costs, testing and certification to provide you with a reliable high performance compressor with low operating costs. We can also supply all your air hose, bull hose, pneumatic tools and pressure rope kits.

For more information on this Diesel Compressor contact us on T: 07 3376 2888


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