Cable Pulling Rope up to 6 Tonne

Cable Pulling Rope 6 Tonne hauling capacity by Pelican Ropes. When it comes to cable pulling rope, Pelican Rope is the new standard in safety and reliability. With shock absorption properties and the lowest stretch, Pelican cable pulling rope offers stability and resistance to abrasion, UV light and most common chemicals.

Our range of Pelican cable pulling rope is available with breaking force up to 13,670 kg in lengths up to 500 metres. Always select a rope with a maximum rated capacity that meets or exceeds the maximum capacity of your cable hauling equipment.

Cable Pulling Rope 6 Tonne by Pelican Ropes:

  • Available in breaking force 13,670 kg (500 metres)
  • Double-braided – polyester inner core, nylon outer
  • Spliced eyes at both ends
  • Supplied on heavy duty drum or optional reel

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