Air Chain Hoists SWL 500 kg to 3 Tonne

Ask us about our full range of air hoists including units with maximum lifting capacity of 500 kg up to units SWL 30 Tonne.

Longest chain drops available in Australia


Our air hoists are fitted with various chain drops ranging from 3 metres up to 60 metres.

Our range of air hoists are one of the safest and most cost efficient methods of pulling, lifting or lowering above or below ground including high risk explosive environments like mines. With robust enclosed housing, these compact and lightweight pneumatic chain hoists make handling and moving to your next job site easy.


  • Manufactured under strict quality control and demanding tolerances
  • Low maintenance design delivers 100% duty cycle in all environmental conditions
  • Suitable for application in hazardous areas such as mines
  • Immune to dust, mud, dirt, grit, heat, vapours etc.
  • Self-cooling pneumatic motor will not overheat
  • Fail safe brake in case of air supply failure
  • Low decibel rating
  • Available with push, geared or air trolley

Contact us for more information on our full range of Air Chain Hoists T: 07 3376 2888


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