7 Tonne Air Winch

Air winches are capable of providing great Lift and Shift and pulling power, without the hazard of a burned out motor. They are ideal for tensioning applications and also suitable in situations requiring precise load spotting abilities. Air winches can perform in harsh environments involving extreme heat, cold, dust, wet, and explosive surroundings and have an unlimited duty cycle.


  • Full drum rated line pull: always pulls or lifts its rated load at all rope layers
  • Compact, space-saving frame design and fabricated alloy steel drum to fit into tight spaces
  • Minimum 18:1 drum diameter to wire rope diameter ratio reduces wire rope wear
  • Safety screen for optimal operator protection
  • Safe operating procedures compliant with WHS legislation
  • Test certificate supplied upon request prior to every hire

Need an air winch? It’s time for Real Industrial Muscle. View our air winches today.

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