6 Tonne Diesel Winch – trailer mounted

6 Tonne Diesel Winch trailer mounted for cable hauling and mining projects, manufactured by Redmond Gary. These 6 Tonne diesel winches are perfect for all your lifting, shifting and hauling requirements including: cable handling for solar and wind farms, conveyor belt replacement, pipe installations, underground mines and overhead lifting applications just to name a few. You’ll find they’re so easy to operate and transport to site on the compact dual axle trailer with ring eye for towing behind an appropriately sized truck. Also available skid mounted with crane and forklift points for simple site handling and ground anchoring options.

These 6 Tonne Diesel Winches are packed with the latest technology and safety features including constant tension settings from 2 Tonne to 6 Tonne, distance gauge, data logger, operator enclosure with seat and night lights for 24 hour performance.

For your convenience they are supplied with synthetic braided rope or wire rope in lengths from 250 metres to 2,400 metres. You also have the option of using your own rope. Available for daily, weekly or monthly hire with special rates to suit your next project.

6 Tonne Diesel Winch Trailer Mounted features:

  • Constant tension settings 2 Tonne (20kN) to 6 Tonne (60kN)
  • Rope lengths from 250 metres to 2,400 metres
  • Fully enclosed Kubota diesel motor
  • Programmable display screen with data logger
  • Emergency stop and isolation switches
  • Portable trailer mounted and skid mounted option
  • Operator safety screen

For more information on this 8 Tonne Diesel Winch contact us on T: 07 3376 2888


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