6 Tonne Capstan Winch now trailer mounted

Introducing our 6 Tonne Capstan Winch now Trailer Mounted. All the diesel powered features you need for pulling power cables through conduit, trenches or cable trays with the added convenience of trailer mounted mobility. A heavy duty diesel engine powers hydraulic transmission for smooth controlled pulling. Fitted with digital tension and distance gauges to accurately measure and maintain appropriate line pull for the entire pull and data download application. Line tension is preset in increments up to 6 tonne.

We’ve added this 6 Tonne Capstan Winch to our expanded range of trailer mounted equipment which our customers prefer for added convenience, reduced downtime and transport costs.

6 Tonne Capstan Winch now Trailer Mounted features:

  • Available trailer mounted for added convenience
  • High pulling tension
  • Digital data download application
  • Heavy duty diesel engine
  • Mine Spec compliant

For more information contact us on T: 07 3376 2888


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