5 Tonne Ingersoll Rand FA5 Air Winch

5 Tonne Ingersoll Rand FA5 Air Winch from Winch Hire Australia, Ingersoll Rand Force 5 air winches set the standard in winch technology and are known throughout the world for delivering rugged dependability in the harshest environments. Force 5 winches offer maximum versatility to meet numerous lifting, pulling or tensioning applications. Our Force 5 air winches have been modified to provide the operator with easy transportation to site and various mounting and securing options. Ask us about options to meet the requirements of oil refineries, mining, construction and offshore environments.

  • Automatic disc brake
  • Automatic band brake
  • Integral directional control valve
  • Compact frame design
  • Designed for reliable daily operation
  • Skid mounted with pre-drilled mounting plate and forklift slots on most models
  • Safety screen for optimal operator protection
  • Safe operating procedures compliant with WHS legislation
  • Test certificate supplied upon request prior to every hire

5 Tonne Ingersoll Rand FA5 air winch options:

  • Air quality systems: filter, lubricator, strainer and regulator
  • Mufflers to reduce ambient noise level and oil discharge

Air winches available for hire from Winch Hire Australia range from 500 kg up to 8 Tonne in a variety of configurations to suit your individual requirement.

Need a 5 Tonne Ingersoll Rand FA5 air winch? It’s time for Real Industrial Muscle. View our air winches today.

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