400 kg Electric Winch

Electric winches like this 400 kg Electric Winch with pendant control are the ideal solution when working in zero emission environments and confined spaces like vertical riser ducts. Also suitable for pulling small conveyor belts. For cable hauling applications, always use with a swivel to minimise cable damage. Our Electric Winch is loaded with features for reliable daily operation.

400 kg Electric Winch features include:

  • Compact, lightweight and portable specifically designed for ease of transport and limited space
  • Skid mounted with pre-drilled mounting plate and forklift slots offering a variety of hitching options
  • Single drum design supports multi-angle cable feed
  • High drum to cable diameter ratio
  • High load geared for lower friction, greater strength and efficient operation
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame offering protection from the elements
  • Direct drive fully enclosed on most models
  • Enclosed fan cooled electric motor with high-start torque for optimal load control
  • Electro-magnetic fail safe brake to stop and hold load securely
  • Safety screen for optimal operator protection
  • Safe operating procedures compliant with WHS legislation
  • Test certificate supplied upon request prior to every hire

Winch Hire Australia has an extensive electric winch range, single phase and 3 phase from 200 kg right up to 10 Tonne suitable for all types of cable handling and industrial applications.

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