3 Tonne Electric Capstan Winch

For cable hauling projects with access to electric power mains these capstan winches with Line Pull up to 3 Tonne are purpose designed for the job. The single phase 240V electric motor with low decibel rating facilitate them for confined spaces and tunnel work where fumes and noise are unacceptable.

These compact units are easily transportable in the back of a ute and can be wheeled around the site. During cable hauling the winch is secured using the stabiliser bar over a vehicle tow ball or dyna bolted into concrete.

With the combination of large electric motor and efficient drive system, these capstans deliver the fastest line speed. If mains power is unavailable, these Capstan Winches will run off a minimum 8 KVA generator. With easy operator controls and safety screen our powerful Electric Capstan Winches with up to 3 Tonne Line Pull will get your next cable hauling project off and running.

Standard electric winch features include tension gauge to accurately measure and maintain appropriate line pull for the entire pull.

Electric Capstan Winch features:

  • Equipment range includes units from 500 kg up to 3 Tonne
  • Single phase 240 volt cable puller
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Operator safety screen
  • Variety of hitching options

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