2.5 Tonne Capstan Petrol Winch

Our powerful capstan winches with 13 HP petrol motor are ready for your next cable hauling project. Our customers love the Capstan Petrol Winch with rated capacity of 2.5 tonne for their lightweight design, enabling easy transportation to your work site in your ute or trailer.

The drawbar has been purpose designed for securing to a towbar, providing stability during cable hauling. The rubber tyres make it easy to relocate the Capstan Petrol Winch around the job site wherever you need it to be.

You’ll tackle the job easily and effortlessly with a Winch Hire Australia Capstan Petrol Winch with line pull up to 2.5 tonne. These units are packed with safety features including operator safety screen.  These lightweight and portable capstan winches for cable hauling are also available with 10.3 HP diesel motor, up to 2 tonne line pull.

Capstan Petrol Winch features:

  • lightweight and portable
  • operator safety screen
  • reliable petrol motor

For more information contact us on T: 07 3376 2888


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