12 Tonne Cable Drum Jacks

These 12 Tonne cable drum jacks manufactured by OMAC Italy are a compact solution for recovering or releasing heavy drums of conductor / cable.

For over 50 years OMAC have provided solutions to optimize processes in energy and information development by manufacturing specialised equipment for underground cable laying, HV transmission and railway lines stringing.

The 12 Tonne cable drum jacks system comprises of two independent cable drum jacks and a high tensile spindle secured in the “U” cradle housing. Suitable for steel or wooden drums.

The cable drum jacks are supplied in pairs complete with one self-braking disk brake and spindles with accessories. Each cable drum jack can be raised or lowered independently by a hydraulic hand pump and mechanical safe-stops are mounted on the jack arm.

Optional extras:

  • Additional disk brake (2 brakes in total)
  • Hydraulic drive to control drum rotation

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