Pneumatic Winches for Pipe Relining Projects

At Winch Hire Australia, we have a diverse range of winches available for hire. Some of our most popular options – especially for pipeline and trenchless drilling projects – are our heavy-duty pneumatic winch solutions. Pneumatic air winches come with a range of benefits, including:

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Flexible clockwise or counter-clockwise operation
  • Explosion resistant
  • Stepless speed change
  • Moisture resistant
  • Safety screens for operator protection

If you have a pipe relining project coming up, these pneumatic winch options are a great choice:

7 Tonne Air Winch

Our 7 Tonne Air Winches provide fantastic lift and shift/pulling power without the hazard of a burned out motor. These winches are perfect for tensioning applications and are also suitable for jobs that require precise load spotting abilities. Air winches are great for harsh environments and have an unlimited duty cycle.

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5 Tonne Ingersoll Rand FA5 Air Winch

The 5 Tonne Ingersoll Rand FA5 Air Winch provides rugged dependability in the harshest environments. These winches offer maximum versatility and can meet numerous lifting, pulling or tensioning applications. Winch Hire Australia’s Force 5 air winches have been modified to provide the operator with easy transportation to site and various mounting and securing options.

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Diesel Compressors Ranging from 175CFM to 500CFM

Our Diesel Compressors have been designed for heavy-duty environments, and they can power a combination of pneumatic equipment such as winches, hoists, rock drills, breakers or hammers. Our range includes oil injected, rotary screw compressors from Atlas Copco, who have an enviable reputation for performance, reliability and efficiency.

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If you have any questions about our pneumatic winches for pipe relining projects, please contact us on 07 3376 2888 or use our online contact form!